What are inky points?

Just our way of showing appreciation and gratitude to our loyal customers by giving you something back for using our services.

How it works

Each product will have a set number of points associated with it varying from 0.1 to 2.0 depending on the product or if it’s being promoted.

All points are based on spending £100 so if the product states 1 point it means if you spend £100 you will get 1 point, if the product is worth 1 inky point and you spend £10 you will get 0.1 points and so on.

What can i use them for

Later on in summer a catalogue area will be created for customers to check out all the brilliant savings and gifts they can spend their hard earned inky points on.

Then once you have collected the correct amount you can cash them in for some lovely freebies and use the savings for your holidays.

(can’t beat FREE stuff)

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